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“Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! … For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen” (Rom 11: 33-36).

God Works Miracles! He Manifests His Power and Mercy by Sending us His Mother at Fatima

This video is simple and unfinished.  You must push the pause button in order to read each slide.

Today we commemorate the awe inspiring Miracle of the Sun that took place in Fatima, Portugal October 13, 1917. This is an important day for me.  It is a day that I long to proclaim the Lord’s Amazing Power and Mercy — manifested in His sending His Mother to earth to save us!

My aunt shared with me the story of Fatima when I was around 8 or 9 years old.

Hearing about Our Blessed Mother coming to earth changed my life!

I was amazed that Our Blessed Mother was sent from God down to earth — to speak to us!  What would cause God to go to such extremes to speak to the world? Our Lady told us that it was because the world and its people were in dire need of saving.  Many were becoming lost in sin and it was heartbreaking to both God and His Mother, (whom Jesus gave to us as our own Mother while dying on the Cross).

My heart was pierced!  I couldn’t imagine anything more important ever happening in this world — and I still can’t.

I couldn’t fathom not listening to her or not trying to fulfill her requests.

From that moment on, I began to pray the rosary every day just as my Mother asked.  My family was and is very devout, but we didn’t pray the rosary together daily.  It was something I did by myself every night when I went to bed — striving to pray all fifteen sets of mysteries while contemplating our Lord’s life.
I have continued this practice for over 40 years now.  Of course not perfectly, but yes, that has been my desire. The only difference, is that now I strive to pray all twenty sets of mysteries.

Yes, sometimes it is a struggle.

Yes, sometimes it is very dry and my mind wanders fairly continually.

But, I know that Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother make up for what I lack. I try to never judge my prayers.  I just do my best and leave everything I lack up to God’s mercy.

I know that God cherishes my striving to obey our Blessed Mother’s commands — even if I do it so imperfectly.  And although it is at times a struggle, I can’t begin to express the reward that comes from praying and meditating on the entire mysteries of our salvation and the whole life of Jesus everyday.  Contemplating His saving work changes us and transforms us.  By spending time in prayer  with God, we gradually become like the ones we are contemplating.  It is a joy beyond description.

It is my prayer, that although this presentation is imperfect and far from complete… that it touches the souls of those who watch it.  So that you, too, may feel compelled to strive to fulfill Our Lady’s commands in order to establish peace in the world and to save souls.

Mary told us that our prayers matter!  She told us that peace will be established if we pray the rosary daily.  She told us that many souls will convert if we pray and make sacrifices for them.
Our God always wants to use His people.  May we be instruments of grace for the salvation of the world.

Will we listen to her messages and answer her call?



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